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Professional photographers sound off on what it was like to shoot for the magazine entirely on iPhones.

February 16, 2016
By Elyssa Goldberg
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Welcome to Bon Appétit's first-ever New Style Women 7 Colors Luminous Casual LED Shoes Girl USB Charging Multi Color Fluorescent Sneakers collections cheap online free shipping view cheap sale in China zkBUnJ0
! All month long we'll be bringing you stories from the intersection of food and music and entertainment and politics and more. (Psst, subscribe here !)

Culture Issue

You intentionally grab a café table next to the window on overcast days and you're a pro at tinkering with your eggy photos on VSCO, but have you ever gone on a professional photoshoot with just your iPhone? Imagine the surprise the photographers we worked with on our March Culture Issue experienced when they got the call saying they'd have to ditch their DSLRs and tethers for the hippest pocket camera around. We spoke with the photographers who made the issue happen and found out what they think of a print magazine going full-on Instagram (at least, the 43 pages in the magazine feature well) for an issue.

March Culture Issue
Matt Haas

iPhone portrait of Milktooth's chef, Jonathan Brooks. Photo: Matt Haas

Daymon Gardner (New Orleans-based cheap sale looking for 2018 mens infrared eleven generations white cement three generations of multicolor leisure sports shoes shoes shoes code us7 13 cheap pre order uhnvAo
who shot "Three Days of Music, 110 Gallons of Queso"): I thought it was a joke at first. I only found out that I couldn't use my camera about three days before the shoot.

Daymon Gardner

Matt Haas (Chicago-based Tan sandy heeled sandals sale for nice free shipping original free shipping under clearance buy r0yQaryrx
, who shot "Brooklyn is Everywhere"): I needed to upgrade from an iPhone 5 to a 6S, and I had never used anything like it to shoot something for print, so it wasn't just me putting faith in the phone, but also in the magazine's idea.

Matt Haas

Cait Oppermann (Brooklyn-based photographer , who shot "What Are We Waiting For?"): I was really excited about it, because despite being a photographer as my job, the camera I use most in my everyday life is actually my iPhone. In some ways, it's the camera I'm most comfortable with. But I actually felt kind of weird doing it professionally.

The hallmark of early diabetic nephropathy is albumin excretion. Sensitive assays to detect very low levels of albumin, or microalbuminuria, have been available for many years. The simplest screening measure is a spot urine test adjusted for the urine creatinine level. Timed overnight collections or 24-hour collections also may be used.

In general, microalbuminuria is defined as more than 30 mg albumin per gram of creatinine (spot urine test) or 30 to 299 mg per 24 hours and more than 300 mg gram of creatinine (or 24 hours) as albuminuria. Serum creatinine determinations should be performed at least annually in patients with albuminuria. When estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) values are declining, more specific measures of GFR (most commonly, creatinine clearance) should be used.

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Monofilament testing performed in the office is the easiest way to check for the insensate foot. The 5.07 mm monofilament is applied to the bottoms of the feet ( prices for sale 2018 Newest Vapormax 97 97s Running Shoes For Mens Silver Gold Bullet Triple s white balck Japan Sports Trainers Sneakers Size 4145 online cheap discount best place prices online sale big sale IX5iP
). Any loss of sensation is associated with an increased risk for ulcer formation. A patient who has had a foot ulcer is at increased risk for additional foot ulcers.

Patients should be instructed to examine their feet daily. Patients who have difficulty examining their feet should seek assistance, especially if they have impaired vision. The use of a mirror can help patients see the bottoms of their feet (see the chapter, " Prevention and Treatment of Leg and Foot Ulcers in Diabetes Mellitus ").

Careful questioning about symptoms of ischemic coronary disease is still one of the most important ways to screen for CVD. Many patients with diabetes do not have typical exertional chest pain. Consequently, clinicians must ask about reduced exercise tolerance, dyspnea, or exercise-induced nausea.

Various studies have considered the issue of screening for CVD. The guidelines and individual recommendations are not entirely concordant. Whereas nearly every group suggests stress tests for patients with symptoms of CVD or electrocardiographic changes suggesting ischemia, recommendations on screening for asymptomatic disease are less consistent.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) considers that candidates for cardiac stress testing should include those with a history of peripheral or carotid occlusive disease; those with a sedentary lifestyle who are older than 55 years and who plan to begin a vigorous exercise program; and those with two or more risk factors for CVD. [8]

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) guidelines state the following:

Screening for asymptomatic coronary artery disease with various stress tests in patients with T2D has not been clearly demonstrated to improve cardiac outcomes and is therefore not recommended . [9]

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| Resources | free shipping for sale huge surprise PRADA SPORT Gym bag WVBM3G9zQh
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| Published by Harvard Education Publishing
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As a field, education has largely failed to learn from experience. Time after time, promising education reforms fall short of their goals and are abandoned as other promising ideas take their place. In Learning to Improve , the authors argue for a new approach. Rather than “implementing fast and learning slow,” they believe educators should adopt a more rigorous approach to improvement that allows the field to “learn fast to implement well.”

Using ideas borrowed from improvement science, the authors show how a process of disciplined inquiry can be combined with the use of networks to identify, adapt, and successfully scale up promising interventions in education. Organized around six core principles 6 , the book shows how “ networked improvement communities 7 ” can bring together researchers and practitioners to accelerate learning in key areas of education. Examples include efforts to address the high rates of failure among students in free shipping comfortable Rick Owens Black Glitter Stocking Boots cheap sale in China latest online how much YsW5rFJ87P
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9 .

Learning to Improve offers a new paradigm for research and development in education that promises to be a powerful driver of improvement for the nation’s schools and colleges.

Book Note

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Since 2008, Carnegie has been working to find a better way of learning how to improve. We have learned a great deal by doing, including that this work is a continuous improvement task. We invite you to join in on this ongoing process.

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Trying to improve practice is part of most educators practices, but what if we moved from trying to get better to getting better at getting better. Improvement science offers a method and set of tools to systematically build the know-how to reach our goals

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Organizing in networks is not a new idea. But the joining together of improvement science and networks affords great promise for accelerating educators’ efforts to improve our nation’s schools. Learn more about networked improvement communities.


Permanent link to page: https://www.carnegiefoundation.org/resources/publications/learning-to-improve/

The problems set in from the opening weekend of the tournament, when football fans started complaining of error messages and dropouts while trying to stream the Egypt versus Uruguay match (a game only available through the app).

Australians feel these dropouts keenly. If we're watching an international sporting event, chances are we stayed up 'til A Million O'Clock curled up in our Ugg Boots and doona on the couch, thanks to our ridiculous time zone. We are serious about watching sport live -- to use another Aussie phrase, we didn't come here to f*** spiders.*

(*International readers note: A 100 percent real Australian phrase. Basically, "We're not here to mess around.")

After initially offering apologies on social media and promising to fix the experience, Optus held a late evening media call to advise it would be simulcasting 48 hours of games on SBS . The network that had sold off the rights was now getting its games back.

One week later, after mea culpas from Optus CEO Allen Lew and more promises to fix the network, Optus confirmed SBS would simulcast the games until the end of the knockout stages . They also dropped the paywall on the app, giving it to all Australians for free.

Finally, on Thursday, Optus capitulated completely. While the Optus app would still offer free streaming, SBS would get all games for the remainder of the Cup on broadcast TV.

More World Cup reading

The Optus story is a valuable lesson for any carrier trying to jump on the media train in the digital era. We've seen it elsewhere, with tech companies trying to land sports rights (see Twitter and the NFL ), comms companies trying their hand at media (see ATT's merger with Time Warner ) and carriers trying to diversify their offering by selling content, not just the means of consuming it.

Recognising the threat of streaming, tech companies and carriers are eager to add another string to their bow and start offering content. But if your legacy is in poles and wires, and your streaming offering has hitherto offered niche sports or select games and even then only to a select group (in Optus' case, English Premier League games available only to Optus customers), you're a long way from building Netflix-level scale.

That's not to mention the fact that delays and dropouts can leave fans out of sync with the live broadcast. In a world where fans are tweeting every goal and creating memes in seconds to share with other fans, your stream has to be live. Not negotiable.

Streaming tech company Ooyala sent out a warning to TV networks at the start of the World Cup that this year's event "may well be the last hurrah for traditional broadcasters against mounting pressures from OTT [over the top] streaming services."

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